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Dr. Martine Fankhauser
Gynaecologist / Obstetrician
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Tightening of the Vagina and
of the the Vaginal Introitus

After giving birth, due to the ageing of the tissues or poor muscle tone, some women develop a very wide vagina and introitus.

This strongly restricts the rubbing of the penis on the vaginal walls, whose sensitive nerve distribution is thus altered, often reducing sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Therefore, the aim of the procedure is to return the vagina to an optimal diameter so it can recover its tone and elasticity and therefore improve its functioning during sexual relations. Often, when a vaginal entrance that has become too wide is corrected, a youthful perineum is regained, as prior to the birth.

Who It Is For: For women who have given birth once or more; for menopausal women or for women with poor muscle tone.

Anaesthesia: General or loco-regional (peridural) because this operation lasts one and half to two hours.



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