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Dr. Martine Fankhauser
Gynaecologist / Obstetrician
Lausanne (Switzerland)
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Hymen Reconstruction

For some cultures, the hymen, as a symbol of virginity, has a considerable social impact. The use of hygienic tampons, accidental damage and sexual relations tear the hymen.

The hymen can be drawing the torn edges of the hymen together, thus restoring the full hymenal ring, or by meticulously uniting the vaginal mucous tissue to create an artificial hymen that is a copy of the natural hymen.

Who It Is For: For women who belong to a culture in which the hymen is a symbol of virginity or the blood stain on a white sheet is an important conclusion to a marriage ceremony (an illusion, because not all hymens bleed during the first sexual encounter).

The Procedure: Sewing of the torn edges of the hymen or reconstruction using vaginal mucous.

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