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Dr. Martine Fankhauser
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Enhancement of the Labia Majora and the Volume of the Mount of Venus (pubis)

Some women, especially after slimming, experience a reduction in the size of the Labia Majora, which no longer cover the small labia.

It is possible to increase the volume using a targeted injection of fat taken from another part of the patient's body (inside of the knees, Mount of Venus, etc.). Sometimes we use a filler product made of natural cell and tissue components that, after injection, forms a tissue that is soft and comparable to normal skin tissue.

Who It Is For:After slimming, some women notice that the volume of their large vaginal lips reduces and these no longer cover the small lips.

The Procedure: Increasing the volume by means of an injection of fat taken from the inside of the knees or the mount of Venus, etc. The result is permanent, as long the patient goes on no more slimming diets. The filling can also be done using injections of hyaluronic acid, a hydrophilic product that attracts water and produces a softness comparable to normal skin tissue, but whose benefits disappear with time.

Reduction of the Labia Majora or Mount of Venus Using Liposuction

The Mount of Venus or pubis is formed of a fatty layer that is sometimes too protruding. This is often associated with voluminous Labia Majora.

Liposuction uses a fine needle to suck out fatty tissue, thus allowing the volume to be reduced. In the case of slackening skin, the cutaneous tissues can be lifted during the same procedure. The scars are hidden in the natural folds of the skin.

Who It Is For: Most frequently, for women who are overweight. The Mount of Venus is actually formed of a fatty layer that is sometimes too protruding and is associated with voluminous vaginal lips.

The Procedure: A liposuction. In the case of extremely loose skin, a parallel lifting can be performed, hiding the scars in the natural folds of the skin.

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