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Dr. Martine Fankhauser
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Gynaecological cosmetic surgery is a corrective surgery of the tissues of the external and internal genital organs.

  • It corrects morphological anomalies, such as hypertrophy of the Labia Minora, hypotrophy and hypertrophy of the Labia Majora or the Mount of Venus (pubis).
  • It also repairs damaged tissues (following a birth, for example) and the loosening of vaginal tissues.
  • This type of surgery can correct some functional deficiencies (vaginal sexual pleasure).
  • After a vaginal birth, 15 to 20% of women suffer vaginal orgasm dysfunction; 3% suffer severe vaginal orgasm dysfunction with the more or less complete disappearance of their vaginal orgasm; 15 to 30% of women suffer stress urinary incontinence (SUI); 4% suffer SUI that entails a considerable daily discomfort, while 3 to 5% suffer ano-rectal incontinence with the passage of gas and liquid stools and 1% with the passage of solid stools!

This surgery is different from urogynaecological surgery to repair urinary incontinence or ptosis of the internal genitals, such as the bladder, the uterus or rectum.

Not a week goes by without my having to explain that the vagina is a noble organ and that it is not at all shameful to touch the sexual organs.

In our society, the subject is no longer taboo and a woman's right to an orgasm is loudly and strongly claimed. But reaching an orgasm first requires a good knowledge of yourself and your body.

I always ask the patient if their sexual relations are painful and I listen carefully to their reply, as well as observing their non-verbal behaviour. I only investigate the issue of sexuality further if the patient so wishes and feels ready to talk about it, because this is often a difficult step to take with women who have suffered sexual abuse or who have had a very strict upbringing.


Dr Martine Fankhauser
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