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Dr. Martine Fankhauser
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Reduction of the Labia Minora and the Clitoral Hood

If you have a complex about the size of your genital lips, a labia reduction may solve your problems.

Hypertrophied, asymmetrical or damaged labia minora (torn after a birth, for example) can be repaired.

Many women are psychologically affected by such an anomaly, both in their daily life (playing sports, wearing certain clothes) and in their sexual life (fear of showing their genitals to their partner).

Gynaecological plastic surgery can solve these problems. The correction must preserve the shape of the small lips, whose function is to protect the vagina. A clitoral hood reduction can be performed at the same time, if necessary. We concentrate on the aesthetic appearance of the small vaginal lips. Scars are reduced as much as possible and are generally not visible. As a general rule, sensitivity remains intact. Psychological factors, sexual relations or vaginal dysfunction cannot be caused or treated by this operation.

Who It Is For: This operation is most frequently for young girls

Cause: Often a morphological birth mark.

The Problem: The small labia protrude beyond the large labia when the latter are quite thin, or have a wrinkled, crumpled appearance. Many women are psychologically affected. They fear their sexual partner looking at their genitals or that these hypertrophied lips might be seen through tight clothing.

The Procedure: The plastic surgery allows the size of the lips to be reduced, or asymmetries or damage after giving birth to be corrected. The reduction is made by means of an incision that has been previously studied with the patient or following the V technique, in order to show the outer edge, which is a very sensitive erogenous zone. The correction must preserve the shape of the small lips, whose function is to protect the vagina. A reduction of the clitoral hood can be done at the same time, if necessary.

Anaesthesia: Loco-regional or general.

Risks: As with all surgery, there are risks linked to the anaesthetic, the patient's condition (diabetes, hypertension, etc.) and to the surgeon's dexterity. This operation may lead to the formation of hematomas and, less often, to an infection, tissue necrosis or an undesirable result (appearance of an asymmetry).

Post-Operative care: Most patients feel very well just after the procedure. However, bleeding may occur in the first hours following the operation. Therefore, we advise you to stay in the clinic or nearby for at least four hours after the operation. After the procedure, you will wear a hygienic pad. A daily bath or light shower will assist a fast recovery. The stitches will dissolve naturally on their own, so there is no need to have them removed. Normal activity may be resumed after 4 weeks.

Most patients are very happy after a Labia Minora reduction. They often regret not having done it earlier. The comfort and esteem they regain considerably improves their quality of life.

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