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Messages from Patients

Dr. Martine Fankhauser
Gynaecologist / Obstetrician
Lausanne (Switzerland)
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Messages from Patients

Some patient testimonies following the procedure

Dear Doctor,

The fairly uncomfortable after-effects of the anaesthesia only lasted for the first night. After that, everything returned to normal.

The pains amazingly disappeared in the whole internal region of the small labia except:

(although it is less significant for me):

- on the clitoris and the skin above the clitoris: Still feel slightly dull pain.

And, for all the other parts, the pains have amazingly disappeared, as if they never existed. (even the pain on the end of the right lip has completely disappeared).

I could never thank you enough.

Other than that, I am going to see if the small pains at the entrance of the vagina disappear on their own, or if I can bear them...

If they bother me, I am not averse to another operation in a month or a month and a half.

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